Experienced Integrated Consulting

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Business Partners Plus, Inc consultants are dedicated to your success!  We provide the support you need with customized solutions providing: strategic business plans; market research and assessments; developing growing and sustainable business models; and building your business.

Our Guiding Principles:

  • We succeed through satisfied customer.
  • We transfer knowledge and skills to our customers.
  • We deliver quality and excellence in all we do.
  • We are socially responsible and committed to communities.

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Develop | Grow |Transform

Strategies are developed in collaboration with your team.  Designed to guide your organization in realizing near and long term goals and objectives.  Strategic plans are fully integrated, adaptable, aligned and focused across all functions.  An "open design" for innovative and emerging responses to your changing market place.  As a business build your customer base and revenue while managing your cost!


Leaders | Managers | Teams

Business Partners Plus, Inc works with you and your team providing professional coaching, training, and facilitation in realizing the organization's full potential. Discover responses to an ever changing marketplace and workforce culture with new leadership skills and facilitated collaborative solutions. 


Quality | Efficiency | Cost

Build your business by delivering quality products and services in a customer focused and cost efficient environment.  Consultants work with your team to review policies, practices and processes to uncover opportunities.  Work with renewed approaches to meet your customer needs, build your revenue and net income, and achieve your business goals. 



Develop | Grow |Transform

Business models identify your value proposition of the core aspects of your products, program, or services. Business Partners Plus, Inc works with you to uncover your differentiation creating the narratives and differentiated business models that support your organization in capturing the market.



Markets are defined by the customers you serve and their need or demand for your products or services.  Business Partners Plus provides the technical expertise for qualitative and quantitative market analysis utilizing direct and secondary market data. Receive a comprehensive report of your market size, segmentation, and customer demands.  Your research report is customized for your ability to refresh and renew.



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